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Felix Draeseke's puzzle canons for 4 hands piano

Felix Draeseke wrote a nifty set of puzzle canons for two pianists to play on one piano, and they have been the subject of this month's featured puzzle canon. The way he organized them was to write a grand staff with no clefs, key signature or time signature, but to instead include those elements in two versions on short bits of staff above the score for each movement. These bits of staff are marked 'Primo' and 'Secondo', and the bit of staff beloning to the part that is to be the comes (follower) for that particular movement also includes an indication of the duration of rest that is to be taken before that part begins. For each of these headers, of course the part marked Primo reads the staves with two treble clefs, and the part marked Secondo reads them with bass clefs. In addition to the wide difference in range between the two clavical interpretations, there is naturally an additional pitch difference of a third between a G clef and an F clef, and it is this difference that adds the compositional intrigue to Draeseke's canonic arrangements.

"Erakko Ippolitov - Piano Channel" has posted a video of a MIDI performance of these pieces on youtube:

This piece is available at the International Music Score Library Project's website:,_Felix

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