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Solutions to monthly puzzle canons


January 2018 - Sol post vesperas declinat - Ivan Maria Nanino

This canon appears in Pietro Cerone's Musica Theorica Pratica, vol. 22, p. 1081. He writes:


"Con el sobredicho titulo, solamente da à entnder que se abaxa en la Repetition: mas en que voz comiencen las tes partes siguientes, no lo dize. Pero en quanto à mi, no hallo que puedan hazer otro principio, si no sete que aqui vemos."

The aforementioned title only implies that it is based on Repetition: but in what voice do the following three parts begin, [Nanino] does not say so. But when it comes to me, I can't find that they can follow another principle, if not this one that we see.

And Cerone gives these incipits which give the upper two parts an octave lower than in my solution.


I do see my canto registrally isolated in measure 5, but this is soon permanently alleviated once the alto enters in measure 7. This more typical voicing allows the canon to modulate downward in a less muddy texture.

Naturally, the canon is perpetual and has no ending. But I the notation has to end somewhere.

Cerone solution vesperas.png



February 2018 - Johann Gottfried Walther "Canone infinito gradato à 4 voci sopra" - a canon per tonos.

This canon was published in Spitta's biography of Bach; see image for details.




March 2018 - Johann Philipp Kirnberger "Canon a 4. Durch Quinten." a modulating canon

This canon was published in Kirnberger's "Die Kunst des reinen Satzes in der Musik. 

Kirnb no2 durch 5ths grand correct b.jpg



April 2018 - Wilhelm Friedemann Bach "Drenfacher Canon für 6 Stimmen" a canon triplex

This canon was published in Kirnberger's "Die Kunst des reinen Satzes in der Musik. 


May 2018 - G. B. Martini


June 2018 - J. J. Fux


July 2018 - Eugène de Ligniville, Quando Corpus II, "Canon per tonos" from Stabat Mater - after 1767.

This canon is an example of how I have sometimes taken canons for which no enigmatic form exists and have created a fictitious enigmatic image for use as a Puzzle on the Puzzler pages of this website.


August 2018 - Canon per tonos a2 by Christoph Berhard


September 2018 - Canon "Si Deus nobiscum quis contra nos" by Simon Ives (1600-1662) from A Collection of Catches, Canons and Glees for Three, four, five, six and nine Voices never before published. Selected by Thomas Warren (Longman and Broderip, London, ca, 1762)  Canons-page 11.


October 2018 - Canon per tonos in two voices by Carl Philipp Emanuel Bach.


November 2018 - Canon per tonos by Nanino.

Nanino ascendo pno.jpg

December 2018 - Canon by twofold augmentation by Benjamin Cooke. 

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