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Solutions to monthly puzzle canons


January 2016

February 2016

March 2016

Samuel Capricornus (1628-1665), Canon a 6 (1659)




Okay, yes, every two measures sound the same once it gets going, as with a round. However, it is an unusual concept: a 6-in-1 canon done as a contrary-motion double canon. A vocal score is here as a PDF.

























Friedrich Kuhlau (1786-1832) Double retrograde canon


Each measure of the upper staff appears again an octave below in the following measure in the lower staff but in retrograde. 























François-Joseph Gossec (1734-1829) Retrograde canon written like a crayfish


With the last note of the enigmatic score the piece reverses! 

April 2016


Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart (1732-1791) Kanonisches Adagio


The top voice begins a fifth above the first note of the upper notated voice but progresses in contrary motion to the original.  

May 2016


G. Hofmann () Canon: Da pacem Domine in diebus nostris


The clefs give the amount of rest and pitch of each successive entry.  

June 2016


Francisco de Montanos (1528-1595) Canon: Enigma con quarto claves


The clefs indicate entries on G, D, A and E, each entry a fifth above the last one..  

Enigma con quarto claves by Montanos - midi rendition

July 2016


Canons by F. J. Haydn and Albrechtsberger from the winter of 1806-7:

Solatium miseris​


The order of the clefs in these printed versions of the canons are misleading. The textual clues provide the correct order of entries.

It seems that in order to lift the spirits of his ailing friend, wrote an invertible canon, inviting Albrechtsberger's rejoinder. While A. may just as well have written back to his friend, acknowledging the fact, he inverted each pair of voices and re-locked the canon. Much more fun, don't you think?

August 2016


Albrechstberger, 1753

Dona nobis pacem


A much younger Albrechstberger wrote this 'Dona nobis pacem.'

On the right a much different solution on a slightly-changed puzzle.

2016-08sol albrechtsberger1753(tde)2.png

September 2016


Jean Mouton, ca 1520, from Motetti Novi

En venant de Lyon


There are many performances of this piece by Jean Mouton. I apologize that I did not include the text here.

2016-09 mouton en_venant sol pno.png

October 2016


Fasch, ca 1750, found in Kirnberger's treatise "Kunst in des reinen Satzes in der Musik"

Canon quadruplex for 8 voices



Fasch, ca 1750, found in Kirnberger's treatise "Kunst in des reinen Satzes in der Musik"

Canon quadruplex for 8 voices


2016-10 sol fasch 8v 4staff.png

November 2016


Jean Mouton, ca. 1520, from Motetti Novi

qui ne regrettoit le gentil Févin


mouton qui ne reg sol pno.png

December 2016


Samuel Scheidt (1587-1654), from Canons Aliquot (imslp)

Canon contrarius in 5 [at the fifth] Cantio sacra.


This is based on the first line of the hymn "Vater unser im Himmelreich" by Martin Luther. Scheidt also wrote organ variations on the theme.

canon contrarius by Scheidt - (midi rendition) repeats 3x
2016-12 Scheidt Vater unser.png
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